Educators and Classrooms

Our Educators

We are proud of the teachers at Hillwood Playcare: 82% have college degrees and a combined 183 years of experience with an average of 11 years of teaching experience each.

We have chosen color names rather than age names for our classrooms. This has been done in an effort to emphasize that placement of children really depends on many developmental factors in addition to chronological age. We strive to place children where they will be most comfortable socially, emotionally, and developmentally. This process enables us to see children in a more holistic view.

Rooms & General Ages

Nursery – 6 weeks
Purple – 12 months
Blue – 18 months
Yellow – 2 years old
Red – Younger 3’s
Rainbow – Older 3’s to Younger 4’s
Green – PreK/4-5 years old